First Enterprise Social Network Provider in Iran

The Sepehr Mahan advisors as The first interactive corporate network provider in Iran are design creator and providing & launching of the new generation of internal enterprise portal. The Sepehr Mahan advisors work at a knowledge-based company in the growth collection of Research Institute for research institute for information and communication technology which has developed the most effective network interactive organization of the country by the latest and best world experiences.

The Sepehr Mahan advisors, by the group of authentic country university alumni with over 10 years experience in the technology industry and communications of the country and collaboration with expert faculty that they are professional in this field. It has registered as a joint-stock company on the intellectual property and the office of companies registration of Tehran.

Meysam Tamimi

Sales Manager

Mohammad Salimi


Mohammadreza Rezvani

Product manager

Alireza Rezvani

R&D Manager

Ali Freidouni

Production manager

Amir Shahabi


Mehdi Abedini


Arash Ghamkhari

Senior Programmer

Zohreh Khajawi

Sales expert

Why Sepehr Mahan ?

We don’t sell software for you, but we are responsible for your success in achieving your desires and needs. your success requires to review of the organization, study of Strengths and weaknesses, identify of the complication and opportunity.

We can arrange for you a medium and long term plan in order to earn up success and go to achieving ideal organization with going away in correct track with small steps.

We try to offer the most services for you so as to get the best result with Cooperation and accompaniment of senior and middle managers.

Our services including: human resources consultancy in the Organization, Information and communication technology consulting, providing software products and the production of specific software for improving organizational productivity and finally implementing and running the best system solutions and software in your organization. For more information about our services, please visit our services page.

Products and Services

Human resources consulting and communications 90%
Products of organizational web based social network 100%
Mobile software production80%
Information Technology consultant 75%
Customized enterprise softwares 85%
Enterprise project management system 60%
comprehensive human resources protal70%
Customer relationship management system based on Sales 2.0 65%

We recommend that

you have a better organization

The company that managers and staff work responsibly, the productivity will be higher. The prospect of the use of information technology is bright and investment in information technology is considered an attractive investment. Business processes are workflow smoother and safer, reworking and conflict has been the minimum of possible, human resources are eager for high-performance assessment and you have focused on the aim.
This is not a miracle, but a track that can be go on…

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