Concerns of managers:

The managers are responsible for success or failure of the organizations.  The managers worry about this matter every moment and every day.

The productivity

Increasing productivity requires the increasing of efficiency and effectiveness, Simultaneously. Efficiency means how to do things better and effectiveness is how to do better things, as well. The efficiency of human resources directly effect in the increasing profitability of the organizations.

The Innovation

The world today is the world of innovation. Innovation, is not invention. Turning ideas into opportunities and income generating products need to the survival and growth of the organization. But, by mainstreaming, innovation can be stimulated and increased. Conversely, tried organizations just waste spirit and capital of shareholders.

The Organization agility

The speed of decision making, speed of planning and speed of actions at organizations is a key factor in the pass of competitors. But agility need to perfect and instant information. Also, it is impossible to get correct decision without participation. On the other hand, participation must not reduce the speed of measurement.

Staff loyalty

Keeping staff at the company is not a unilateral matter. Companies can no longer expect with unilateral actions provide loyalty platform for maintenance staff. But can be do actions that people be more royalty during cooperation and increase time of participation as much as possible.

more Responsibility

The people that work hard are not the best people. People who work more responsible, are more effective people in organization. People who are allergic to environment, towards colleagues, relative to the goals and responsibilities towards customers are sensitive and vulnerable. These people are cause the organization’s excellence.

Sepehr Mahan Enterprise Social Network

The new generation of interactive interanet

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0percentage of enhancement employees' satisfaction
0percentage of enhancement of productivity

Improvement of the efficiency due to participation , led to information and more effective relationships at the working group.
Whatever people more interested in participation, led to higher productivity, better job satisfaction and more pleasure as well.
Interactive network reduce staff costs of support because of the relationships network as possible.

What does surveys say about   Enterprise Social Network usage?

15 percent enhancement in staff productivity, at least.

40 percent enhancement in staff satisfaction and pleasure, at least.

Mahan-Enterprise-Social-Network | شبکه اجتماعی سازمانی

The advantages of using of interactive network

The flow of events in an interactive network of the enterprise, is the page that shows in form of an interactive and integrated of course, as a continuing sequence. The sequence of activities covers all sectors of manufacturing, research and development, marketing and sales, support, and headquarters.
Each of the employees can be notified of events that happen and participate in the discussions and in particular the issues of interest in terms of the conditions, requirements and responsibilities required. The sequence of activities, allow users to have updated information, set the agenda (Notification), pursue the issues intelligently and inform announcements throughout the organization. You can schedule events, attach your files and receive comments of your colleagues, quickly.
All of these are in the sequence of activities.

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